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The BeFree Project Podcast

Jun 26, 2018

*This episode originally aired on 11/14/17

As I mentioned in the show this is just my opinion - I am sure there are more ways to feel stuck in your life but this is what I wanted to share on the podcast today.

  1. You stay in a funk
  2. You don’t know what you want
  3. You start and stop and lack follow-through
  4. You feel like you...

Jun 19, 2018

In this episode, I want to encourage you to not give up and keep pushing through. You have to continue to show up for yourself and fight for what you want. There’s a purpose for your life and there are people in the world that need to experience that gifts that you were born with. Whatever you’re going through is...

Jun 12, 2018

This episode originally aired on 11/10/17

Are you a part of the 98% of people who have let their dreams die? This episode is about pushing past your fears and pursuing your dreams. People are waiting for what you have to offer the world, don't waste another minute waiting for the perfect time because it's right now.


Jun 6, 2018

The episode originally aired on 11/28/17

In this episode, I share the importance of letting go of anything that’s stunting your growth. In order to receive more of what you want you to have to let some things go so you can become the best person, you desire to be. It’s not an easy process but everyone cannot go with...